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Keeping Salt on The Table

Whenever we have Americans over to our house for a meal there is always one thing that they notice immediately and that is that we keep our salt in…

A Czech Classic: Trdelníks

As you have probably heard me mention in some of my previous posts, Trdelníks are a big part of the Czech Republic. These sweet, doughy rolls are s…

Easter in Old Town Square

During the cold days of December, just before Christmas, a huge Christmas tree with millions of lights and street stands with vendors cooking up wa…

Photo Credit: Walter Novak
Czech Easter Customs

Easter, or Velikonoce (from Veliké noci or Great Nights) was greatly suppressed under the communist regime prior to 1989. Since then, the tradition…

Edible Wild Mushrooms

It’s true. Most Czechs suffer from mycophagy. Don’t worry… it’s the eating of mushrooms, particularly wild mushrooms. ;) Hu…

The Retro Prams of Prague

When I was born, my mother wheeled me around in style with a high pram with springs for comfort and style. This was (and still is) called a kočárek…

Eat With Locals, Prague

When traveling to Prague there are hundreds, if not thousands, of places to sit down for a nice meal. So how do you find the best tasting and most …


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The Sexy Rugged Men of Falconry

Last week we shared a post about the art of falconry in the Bohemian lands called Falconry in the Czech Republic and a few of you spied some handso…



The Apple Maiden

The Apple Maiden or Apple Tree Maid is known as Jabloňová Panna in Czech. It is a Czech fairy tale as told by Karel Jaromír Erben. The illustration…

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