Moravian Sauerkraut Soup aka Zelňačka

Czech Sauerkraut Soup, Moravian Cabbage Soup, Wallachian Sauerkraut and Sausage Soup, Zelňačka, Valašská kyselica, a soup known by many names is the s…



The Very Best of Bohemian People, Places, Culture & Style

The Ještěd Tower

The Ještěd Tower is a hyperboloid-shaped tower located at the top of the Ještěd mountain in the Czech Republic. Construction of the Ještěd tower began…

The Doors of Prague

The ornate doors that adorn Prague’s buildings are some of the most beautiful yet underrated features of the city. The doors of Prague, which are rich…

The Magic Voice of a Rebel

The Magic Voice of a Rebel, Marta Kubišová, was born in České Budějovice in 1942. She was synonymous with the Czech pop boom of the 1960s. She was a t…


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The Timeless Men of Falconry

In October of 2015, we shared Falconry in the Czech Republic. There was a lot of talk about the handsome men in the post, so we created another post, …



Border Crossings by Charles Nováček

Border Crossings is an award-winning memoir by Czech author Charles Nováček. It is an excellent book which mingles the fascinating life of an incredib…

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